We are a not-for-profit organization (WeFindX Foundation CLG) registered in Ireland, dedicated to solving world's equation f(x)=y, where f - is the world, y - is our collective dream, and x is our actions to realize it. We are convinced, that the equation model is so general that it will transcend even a superintelligence, and therefore, it is an imperative for humanity to collectively define the right side of the equation f(x)=y.

We fund systems to help advance this mission.

What We Value?

Among the things that we value, are deep and sincere connections between people and organizations, balance between collective and personal freedom, passion, rationality, creativity, curiosity.

We aspire to work together with those who care about the world's greatest challenges, and dare to conceptualize far-reaching solutions to solve them for good.

What We Fund?

We primarily focus on development and support of the Infinity Project - an economic and innovation forum and platform, its theoretical development, and the high-impact ideas and projects on it, to create open source solutions (primarily, language and protocol-level innovations, but also certain hardware solutions).

Please, read our report.

How We Decide?

We work under vetocracy, - goals and ideas can be falsified by any single participant, just like in science and mathematics, where a rule can be falsified by a single observation that does not match theory. Pragmatic implications we follow in such cases:

  1. Idea was misunderstood,
  2. Idea was not desired truly.

In such cases:

We deeply refine the ideas and learn from/educate the participants that falsify them.

The Collective

We are part of the global Infinity Family (a group of organisations and individuals with a shared mission - to create the world, where every true* wish comes true).

To learn more about the Infinity Family:

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