WeFindX Foundation welcomes contributions from researchers as part of WeFindX Fellowship programme starting in Q2 2019.


The programme exists to foster lasting inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural relationships and knowledge co-creation between researchers.

Research Themes

1.Public Intelligence

Self-explanatory artificial intelligence.

Topics include AGI, public data, data standards, and more.


Universally accessible and secure finance systems, and inclusive cooperation models.

Topics include company law, employment law, social security, universal basic income, social impact investment, blockchain, e-government, and more.


Responsible personal sovereignty.

Topics include data rights, digital identity, cryptography, and more.


  • Accessible. The Fellowship is a remote position and is open for everyone with a computer device and internet connection.
  • Multi-cultural. The languages supported are English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, German and Lithuanian.
  • Inter-disciplinary. Researchers and practitioners from disciplines of computer science, economics, finance, law, anthropology, to name a few, are encouraged to apply.

No remuneration is offered in this cycle of fellowship.


The Fellowship is offered from the 1st of April, 2019 and runs for 3 to 6 months.

  • Fellowship Taster (3 months)
  • Fellowship (6 months)


During the Fellowship, the researcher is expected to create an independent project under one or more research themes and contribute to daily research publications.


Please use the application form provided here.


Get in touch at ideas@wefindx.com

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