WeFindX International

  • Purpose
  • Methods (How do we achieve this mission of helping humanity to collectively define goals?)
    • Language model for The Equation Model F(X)=Y. (Equation ontology research.)
    • Making the equation model accessible to people. ("if anything, it's the wide accessibility to personal application of this model, is what may determine, if AI is in the hands of the many or the few, if problems we care about are solved, or not." -- just like mobile phone democratized supercomputer, the ability to quickly pull the data to from a variety of sources to support privately answering ad-hoc questions, is essential to democratization of AI. Specific project that tries to achieve this is drivers framework, that should make web resources work in plug-and-play mode, like devices work today.)
    • The Inverse Reinforcement Learning (IRL). (A method to optimize the search of agent’s true intent (Ŷ) from observing its actions (X).)
    • Self-help theoretic research community, for deciding what to work on, and help each others to succeed on those things they choose to work on. -
  • Vision
    • Become an international collective united by a mission to help humanity collectively define and pursue goals before ASI (Artificial Super-Intelligence).
    • Example model and/or partner organizations:
      • Transparency International (TI)
      • Making world not currupted, and transparent.
      • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
      • Network org, focus on financial auditing.
  • Directions
    • Intelligence: Self-explanatory (transparent) artificial intelligence. Topics include:
      • AGI, existential risks, public data, data standards, etc.
      • Computing power distribution Transparency
      • Algorithm properties Transparency
    • Cooperation:
      • Universally accessible and secure finance systems. Topics include:
        • company law, employment law, social security, universal basic income, social impact investment, blockchain, e-government, etc.
    • Humanity: Responsible personal sovereignty. Topics include:
      • data rights, digital identity, cryptography, etc.
  • Organizations
    • WeFindX Foundation (WFX Irish Chapter)
  • Programs
    • (Just like individuals come together to do "projects", organizations also come together to do what they call "programs".)

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