How to Infinity?

This document is for versioning of how to infinity, using existing software.


"to infinity" means to apply the pattern to run integrated projects, or projects that can easily understood in terms of their position in the hierarchy of the world's needs, and works as ends to those needs.

The infinity pattern has been described in the videos [1],[2] (i.e., apply the pattern proposed in [3], [4]). It was conceived to enable every creator in his or her garage, every half-baker and thinker on a scientific forum, every policy-maker in their government or association, every startup company and laboratory to share and enjoy the exciting projects of humanity, and be able to collaborate regardless of their native language or currency.

How do we "infinity" while the software ([5],[6]) for it is not quite ready?

v1 Method ( currently used at WeFindX )

At WeFindX, we use the following software in combination, to do management on different levels of infinity hierarchy:

  1. needs: ?Google now, ?Uber, ?Skyscanner, ?Amazon, etc.
  2. goals: Infinity ( )
  3. ideas: Halfbakery ( )
  4. plans:
    1. Ireland (country, for legal entity, WeFindX Foundation CLG)
    2. Dynalist (a list per project, example: project-synsets, project-infinity)
    3. App Annie? (for tracking of valuation)
    4. ? ( for accounting )
  5. steps:
    1. Telegram (for general contacting)
    2. Ghost and WordPress (for blogging)
    3. Gitter (running processes, and we use infinity-family/project-<name> namespace for all projects that are derived from halfbakery)
    4. Gitbook (for wiki)
  6. tasks: Trello ( )
  7. works: Upwork to pay, PGP, ethereum to create permanent proofs of work.

Extra tools we use:

  • Reading feeds ?
  • Internal wiki: ?

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